Episode 229

Common adjectives to describe people’s personality

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One of these days I wrote a little about how to describe people from their looks. Today I’ll focus on how to describe them by their PERSONALITY or ATTITUDE. Come with me…


  • NERD/GEEK: They are both used related to smart people with especific taste for science or technology (and Star Wars kkkk)


Ex: The guy next door is a geek, he is always playing online with his friends. Don’t mind the noise


  • LONE WOLF: A person who likes being alone, especially when talking about realtionships. This person would rather be single and do all things by her/himself.


Ex: I’m a lone wolf. I was not meant to be stuck in a relationship with anyone


  • CHATTERBOX/TALKATIVE: A person who likes to talk a lot


Ex: Clarissa is a chatterbox. She always has something to say


  • PARTY ANIMAL: Do you happen to have a friend who is always going out to incredible and sometimes not so incredible parties? The important is to be OUT.


Ex: Lucas turned out a party animal as a teenager. Who would have guessed! He was so shy


  • EASYGOING: This adjective is used to describe a person who is very easy to deal with. This person is normally calm and relaxed; avoids arguments the most.


Ex: My mother is an easygoing person. We talk about pretty much everything


  • DARK HORSE: This person is a gift box. It’s always a surprise to others what they can do because they normally don’t show all their abilities to others


Ex: The movie is a dark horse for the award.


  • BLACK SHEEP: The “diferentão” of the family kkkk This guy is usually the one who got away, the one who doesn’t fit the family because they think or behave differently and is not accepted for that


Ex: Luiza is the black sheep of the family with all those tattoos and particular taste por dark clothes


  • (TO BE) EXTRA(slang): To exaggerate on something. Maybe the looks, maybe the attitude


Ex: I know wearing those pants is a little extra, but I feel extra today!


  • PRACTICAL: This person is objective and always thinks in a simple way of doing things


Ex: Mr Sanders is very practical. He finished the project in minutes and it took us 1 week to figure it out


  • PERSISTENT: Applied to people who don’t give up. They try try try try until they succeed


Ex: My mother is very persistent. She never gave up on her dreams even pregnant


  • PASSIONATE: We all should have a person like this in our companies. A passionate person is a person who is excited about something


Ex: I’m really passionate about Medicine. It’s my dream job


  • INTUITIVE: Sixth sense kkk intuitive person senses something is going to happen before they do


Ex: I deserve a reward for my intuitive skills


  • BOSSY: This person tends to give you orders all the time, trying to control you sometimes


Ex: Maria is so bossy. She is always telling me what to do

  • COURAGEOUS: A brave person, no fear. This is a go getter


Ex: It was courageous of her to confront her boss like that


  • GO GETTER: A person who goes after what he/she wants


Ex: Alicia is a go getter, she is never afraid to take a risk


  • AMBITIOUS: The person who wants more for their lives


Ex: I want more of my life and I don’t think it’s a problem to be ambitious


  • ADAPTABLE: Like a chameleon this person changes easily according to the environment they are in


Ex: The human brain is highly adaptable



Sensible is the person who is able to feel or perceive


Ex: The sensible man is not influenced by what other people think


Sensitive is the person who is constantly touched by their emotions; easily hurt


Ex: The sensitive child demanded much attention from her parents because she cried all the time



  • BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND: Used to describe the romantic relationship between to people. If you date a man you have a boyfriend, if you date a woman you have a girlfriend.

My boyfriend is waiting for me outside/ My girlfriend is the best”

Both words can also be used to specify the gender of a friend of yours (not necessarily romantic), since the word FRIEND has no difference in gender.

     “Where are all my girlfriends at? We’re gonna rock this club tonight”

  • FRIEND (BEST FRIEND): The people you chose to be your family


Ex: Can I take my best friend to this trip?



  • CO-WORKER: The person who shares the same work environment as you. Not necessarily a friend


Ex: I’m going to a happy hour with my co-workers tonight


  • CLASSMATE: A person who shares the same classroom as you. Not necessarily a friend as well


Ex: Clarice is the most intelligent of all our classmates


  • RELATIVE: A person with who you share your blood; your family member


Ex: Sorry I can’t go to your party. I’m going on a trip with my relatives this weekend


So, that’s it for today guys. I really hope you have enjoyed today’s episode. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your support and for listening to this English bite. Take care of yourselves and I’ll see you on the next one. Bye


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