Episode 224

Earthquakes don’t count

Hey guys! Welcome to our ENGLISH BITES – This is Erika Belmonte speaking and in case you need the transcription of this English Bite, go to www.englishbites.com.br and look for the episode number 224.


We all have earthquakes in our life. Things happen that shake us up. When this occurs, most individuals literally or mentally quit. They give up. They allow the earthquake to change their attitude. They make excuses for their lack of performance. They blame their inability to succeed on their circumstances.  “I don’t believe in circumstances. The successful people in this world get up every day and LOOK for the circumstances they want. And if they can’t find them, they MAKE them.” -George Bernard Shaw


You either made the sale or you didn’t. No one wants to hear why you didn’t bring in the business. No one cares “the customer went bankrupt”, “my dog is sick”, “I lost the job”, “a huge competitor opened next door”.


The hunter either comes home with the game or he doesn’t. His family eats or goes hungry. No one cares that “the rain washed away the deer tracks”


Let me tell you guys a very famous story:

A young brand manager captured the attention of this company’s sales force by offering terrific prizes for hitting defined sales quota, you win; fall short, you lose. Three weeks before the contest deadline an earthquake hit Los Angeles. The California sales office was badly damaged and business was interrupted. The California sales team did not reach its quota.


California was the largest market in the brand manager’s company. The California sales team had great influence in the company. The California sales team wanted the prizes but the brand manager said no. The Califonia sales team used all its muscle, and the powerful vice president of sales insisted the brand manager award California the prizes. The vice president argued that the California team missed its quota by “only a few percentage points” and “be reasonable”… There was an earthquake”


The brand manager firmly stood his ground and replied: Earthquakes don’t count.


The next year there were record blizzards in Chicago, floods along the Mississipi, a brown-out in New York City, a natural gas shortage and political crises in Washington. The next year every region in the county hit its quota – California came in first – and everyone won a prize.


If you wanna win, you have to stop making excuses right now!

Earthquakes don’t count.

Either you do or you don’t.


Remember, “YOU are responsible for your results in life and it’s time to turn up the heat.” Don’t let earthquakes hinder your performance or stop you from winning the prize. When dealing with situations beyond my control, “Improvise, Adapt and Overcome.”  Earthquake or not, the job still has to be done, the sale still has to be made and the goal still has to be accomplished. How you handle an earthquake is the difference between good and GREAT, SUCCESS and failure.  


There is a champion on the inside of each and every one of us just waiting to burst out. We were all created for success, but the world has designed us for failure.  What is the Earthquake in your life? What circumstances are you allowing to slow you down, break your stride or stop you in your tracks?  Rise above it champion. Conquer that enemy. Refuse to accept anything less.




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