Episode 169

What is an entrepreneur and
what does it take to become one?

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What a hard word to pronounce right? ENTREPRENEUR…  I mean, not to only to pronounce but also to write LOL.

But harder than saying or writing this word, it’s the action itself: being or becoming an entrepreneur.


But first of all guys, what is an entrepreneur?


An entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business with the aim to make a profit.

The reason why they’re considered entrepreneurs, though some disagree, is because where you start out isn’t where you’ll end up. An entrepreneur is someone who starts a side hustle that can eventually create a full-time, sustainable business with employees. Same with the freelancer. If you’re focused on creating a profitable business, you fit the entrepreneur definition.  


However, the entrepreneur meaning involves much more than being a business or job creator. Entrepreneurs are some of the world’s most powerful transformers. From Elon Musk sending people to Mars to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs making computers part of every household, entrepreneurs imagine the world differently.


Entrepreneurs see possibilities and solutions where the average person only sees annoyances and problems


Ok but, what does it take to become one? Well, needless to say lots of hard work but there 4 basic skills that every entrepreneur has. Here they are:



Entrepreneurs often have an evangelistic quality. They have great ideas and are skilled at getting buy-in from investors and employees. If you’re applying for a role that requires an entrepreneurial spirit, provide examples of times you got staff on board with a plan that was a tough sell. 


Risk Taking 

Entrepreneurs often seem more comfortable with risk than other business leaders. It can lead to tremendous failures, but also stunning successes. Entrepreneurs are willing to live without a steady paycheck and make short-term sacrifices for a long-term payoff. That said, the risks that entrepreneurs take are calculated, and aren’t simply done for the thrill. 


Strong Work Ethic

Being an entrepreneur may seem flashy and exciting. But a lot of hard work and long hours are required to launch something new. To be successful, entrepreneurs must execute. You’ll often hear stories of entrepreneurs who begin their workday well before sunrise or send middle-of-the-night emails. Entrepreneurs are relentless when it comes to completing projects and following through on the work required to turn ideas and plans into sellable products. 


Creative Thinking 

Entrepreneurs are known for thinking outside of the box. Anyone can start an online business or a storefront; it takes Jeff Bezos to conceive of Amazon.com and expand an online book-selling business to using drones, streaming media, and supplying nearly any item under the sun. Creative thinking can take a smart, capable business owner to another level of success. In cover letters and interviews, emphasize this skill to show potential employers that you see connections and possibilities where others do not.


So, that’s it for today guys. I really hope you have enjoyed today’s episode. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your support and for listening to this English bite. Take care of yourselves and I’ll see you on the next one. Bye



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